Reclaim Your Pet from OAHS

IMPORTANT: A STRAY ANIMAL BECOMES THE LEGAL PROPERTY OF THE OSHKOSH AREA HUMANE SOCIETY (or other state holding facility) IF NOT CLAIMED WITHIN THE FIVE-DAY STRAY HOLD PERIOD. Per Wisconsin Act 233, effective March 3, 2016, all stray animals entering an animal control facility or humane society with an animal control contract will have a FIVE (5) day stray-hold period, four days plus the day of confiscation. This means that on day SIX (6) in custody, animals who have not been reclaimed may be adopted out or transferred to another facility for adoption. For more information on the stray-hold laws in Wisconsin click HERE

Owners may pick up their found animal at OAHS: Mon-Fri between 10am and 5:30pm and Saturdays between 10am and 2:30pm (please CALL us first at 920-424-2128 ext 2 then ext 1 – also be aware of the below requirements to redeem your pet). If your animal is brought in after business hours on a Saturday, your pet will be able to be picked up on the following Monday assuming below requirements are met. We do not have the ability to redeem animals on Sundays. You will not be charged boarding for either Saturday or Sunday night in that instance.  

If you know your pet is at OAHS please be prepared for the following state and local requirements before picking up your animal. 

Wisconsin State Legislature Statute 173.23 requirements for redemption of owned animal:

  • The owner claims the animal and provides reasonable evidence of ownership. This can include veterinary records, pictures, videos, and other identifying information. 
  • If licensure is required by statute or ordinance, the animal is licensed or assurance of licensure by prepayment is given. A current City License is required in the City of Oshkosh for dogs and cats and will be issued by OAHS at time of redemption if the animal does not have one.
  • If vaccination is required by statute or ordinance, the animal is vaccinated or assurance of vaccination by prepayment is given. Proof of current rabies vaccination or proof of prepayment for rabies vaccination is required. OAHS can provide a current rabies vaccination for the cost of $45 at the discretion of our staff veterinarian.
  • All charges for custody, care, vaccination and treatment are paid. See below. 

Dog Redemption Fee*: $50

Cat Redemption Fee*: $30   

*Redemption fees include check-in exam, core population health management vaccines (does not include rabies), flea and tick medication, etc.

After-Hours Fee (Applies if animal was transported by OAHS staff at the request of law enforcement outside of business hours): $50

Stray Boarding Fee (Does not apply if animal is claimed within 24 hours):  $15.00/day

License fees for City of Oshkosh residents:

  • Altered License Fee (Jan – March)  $5.00
  • Altered License Fee (April- Dec)     $12.00
  • Unaltered License Fee (Jan – March) $12.00
  • Unaltered License Fee (April- Dec)     $19.00

      *Altered = animal is spayed or neutered

Rabies Vaccination with Redemption: $45.00

Microchip with Redemption: $25.00

*Additional costs of specialized treatment or medical procedures needed for the comfort and wellbeing of the animal may also apply at the recommendation of OAHS Medical Personnel.