PLEASE NOTE – MAY 2024 UPDATE: Due to renovations all available cats are in foster homes. Please reach out to Cat Adoptions by email at or call at 920-424-2128 ext. 106 to start the adoption process. During our open hours, you are welcome to visit with the adoption staff to talk in depth about available cats.

Adopters Welcome During Open Hours
Please note: we currently do not have cats on-site due to renovations
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 1pm – 6pm
Saturday 11am – 3pm

Cat Adoption Process – thank you for your interest in adopting a homeless cat/kittens!

  • View our available cats HERE or stop in during our adopter visiting hours and talk to a cat adoption counselor about what you’re looking for in a kitty companion(s) so they can make suggestions for possible matches and you can meet the animal(s). 
  • Once you have decided on the animal(s) you wish to adopt, there is a simple one-page application. 
  • The application is typically processed within 1-2 business days. You will be contacted if there are any questions about your application. > To fast track your application, please provide your landlord’s info (if applicable) and proof that your current pets are altered.
  • If you have animals of the same species in your home as the one you are applying for, please call your veterinarian to tell them to release the veterinary records to OAHS.  Doing so will make the process much faster and more efficient. 
  • You will be contacted once your application is processed.
  • If you are approved, your adoption session will be scheduled and you can take your new cat(s) home immediately after.
  • We typically require all kittens have an age-appropriate buddy (around 2 years old or younger) at home.  This is for their mental, physical and developmental well being.  For more information on why two young cats are better than one, click HERE

Important Note: If you rent, many rental properties do have restrictions on number of pets/breeds/size/etc for pets.  There may also be additional pet deposits added to your housing fees. Please review your rental policies regarding pets if you are considering adding an animal to your family.  

All animals in the household of the same species as the one you are adopting (for cats and dogs) are required to be spayed or neutered prior to bringing the new animal home due to hormone-induced behavior issues that may occur. (Certain medical-related exemptions may apply).

Licensing and Vaccination Requirements in the City of Oshkosh:  Pet owners have the responsibility to provide pets a healthy, safe life. The City of Oshkosh has stipulated laws that govern the safety of pets and the safety of its citizens pertaining to potential animal concerns. For more information regarding the laws, licensing, rabies vaccination requirements and fees required by the City of Oshkosh visit their website HERE

Adoptions at OAHS are not based on first-come-first-adopted but are based on matchmaking so it’s a win-win for everyone. Same-day adoptions are not possible at this time. 

Questions about our cat adoption process? Please contact our Cat Team at or  920-424-2128 ext. 106. We look forward to hearing from you!


Adoption fees for cats and kittens are free at this time.

Licensing fee, microchip fee and rabies vaccination reimbursement fees may apply at the time of adoption (City of Oshkosh license is $5, microchip is $25 and rabies vaccination is $25, totaling no more than $55 if all apply). 

OAHS invests an average of $250 into every animal available for adoption. 

All cats are spayed/neutered before being adopted and are given age-appropriate vaccinations. They are also given any preventatives and medical treatments needed while in our care.

Cats are also tested for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Senior cats receive a senior bloodwork panel and needed dental care (if deemed necessary) to ensure they are as healthy as possible when they go to their new homes.  

Donations are always appreciated to help new animals coming into OAHS.