We currently require appointments to meet the dogs to ensure you get to spend the time you need with the dog(s) and an adoption counselor. This makes it much less stressful on the dogs in our care, and allows you the time to get to know the dogs you are interested in, in a private meet and greet area with an adoption counselor. 

This time will also give you a sense of the dog’s true personality and allows time for our staff to give you a full background and answer all your questions about the dog, to ensure it will be a good long-term match for both the dog and you/your family.

Dog Adoption Process – thank you for your interest in adopting a homeless dog!

  • View our adoptable dogs listings HERE: read their descriptions to get an idea of who might be a good match with your family and lifestyle. Some things to take into consideration are size, exercise needs, activity level, level of compatibility with other animals, children, work schedules, etc.
  • Complete a Dog Adoption Application online HERE
  • Once your application is received and processed (typically within 3 business days) a dog adoption counselor will call you (please make sure your phone accepts voicemails) to discuss dogs and to possibly set up a visit time. Visits are typically at least 45 minutes and are scheduled Tuesdays-Saturdays. *For those with another dog/dogs at home: a  dog-to-dog introduction appointment will be scheduled with trained staff for your visit.
  • If, after the meet and greet, everyone in the household and the dog are comfortable and would be a good match, we will schedule an adoption day and time when we will review the adoption contract and associated paperwork, ensure all proper documents are signed, and you will take your new dog home immediately after! 


  • Adopters must be 21 years of age or older.
  • If there is a current dog in the home, a dog mix will be scheduled. Any dogs currently in the household must be spayed or neutered and be current on their rabies vaccination. Please notify your veterinarian to release your dog’s information to OAHS.
  • Adopters who rent their home must be aware of, and abide by, their rental pet policies and any related size or breed restrictions/extra fees/deposit/etc. 

Walk-in visitors without an appointment can view photos of dogs on the screen above the dog desk and fill out an application on site (we do not allow the public in the kennel areas due to stress on the dogs). Staff availability for walk-in visitors may be limited.  

Adoptions at OAHS are not based on first-come-first-adopted but are based on matchmaking so it’s a win-win for everyone. Due to staffing constraints, same-day adoptions are not possible. If you live a significant distance from OAHS, making multiple trips difficult, then we can discuss options. 

Have questions about our available dogs? Email dog@oahs.org or call (920) 424-2128 ext 108.

Licensing and Vaccination Requirements in the City of Oshkosh: Pet owners have the responsibility to provide pets a healthy, safe life. The City of Oshkosh has stipulated laws that govern the safety of pets and the safety of its citizens pertaining to potential animal concerns. For more information regarding the laws, licensing, rabies vaccination requirements and fees required by the City of Oshkosh visit their website HERE

Questions about our dog adoption process? Please contact our Dog Team at dog@oahs.org or  920-424-2128 ext. 108. We look forward to hearing from you!


Dog adoption fees start at $50 for dogs with special needs. Senior dogs 8 & older typically have an adoption fee of $50-$100. Young adult dogs typically have an adoption fee of $150-$250. Higher adoption fees for younger dogs help to supplement the reduced adoption fees of dogs that may be overlooked by adopters due to age, medical need, etc. 

OAHS invests an average of $250 into every animal available for adoption. 

All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies and microchipped (associated fees may apply for vaccination and microchip) before being adopted (exceptions may apply due to age). They are also given any preventatives and medical treatments needed while in our care.

Senior dogs receive a senior bloodwork panel and needed dental care (if deemed necessary) to ensure they are as healthy as possible when they go to their new homes.  

If you’d like to know the adoption fee of a specific dog please call (920) 424-2128 ext #3, then ext #3 again, to reach our dog adoption counselors. 

Donations are always appreciated to help new animals coming into OAHS.