Cat nail trims are available by appointment only. This is a drive-up service. Cat nails usually need to be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. Please click here for online scheduling. Questions?  Call 920-424-2128 ext 3 then ext 1.


Nail Trim Fees
Free for OAHS alumni cats (a donation is always appreciated@)
• $5 donation requested for non-alumni cats

Nail Cap Fees
• $5 per set (all sets sold separately)
• $5 nail application fee*
*If you provide us with your own nail caps, you will only need to pay the application fee

Learning Opportunities
Come inside with your cat during your appointment to learn how to perform a cat nail trim and/or cat nail cap application with fear-free handling techniques.

Scratching Posts
Providing a surface where your cat can scratch reduces inappropriate scratching. 3.5-ft sisal rope scratching posts are often available for $50.

Nail Appointment Hours
• Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 12pm-12:45pm
• Saturday: 10am-10:45am

Tips for Transport
• Your cat should be contained in a secure carrier.
• Put a small towel or blanket in the carrier with the cat for added comfort.
• Put a towel/blanket over your carrier. Spray fabric with Feliway for additional stress relief.
• If you have more than one cat, please bring each cat in a separate carrier.

Appointment Process
• Drive up to the front door of the shelter on your assigned day during the nail trim timeframe. There may be a line depending on when you arrive.

• When your vehicle is in front of the door, a staff member will come out and take your cat out of the vehicle and bring him or her inside. Staff will bring the cat bak out to your vehicle when the service is complete (approximately 5-10 minutes).

Why Do Cats Scratch?
• Relives stress
• Expresses emotions
• Removes dead layers of skin
• Stretches muscles and joints
• Marks their territory

Why Do Cats Ned Nail Trims?
• Cat nails can overgrow and become uncomfortable. They can curl into the paw pad causing pain and infetion.
• Nails can get snagged or stuck in soft surfaces and cause injury.
• Trimmed nails are less likely to accidentally damage surfaces (and skin!)

Are Nail Caps Necessary?
• Nail caps are meant to be used temporarily to give you information about your cat’s scratching habits.
• If your cat is provided with regular nail trims and appropriate scratching surfaces, such as a scratching post, nail caps are typically not needed.
• If your rental manager requires cat nail caps, please let OAHS staff know!

Safety Disclaimer
If our staff is not able to safely trim/cap your cat’s nails using our fear-free handling techniques, you may be directed to alternative local options.