We found Timmy after he had been at OAHS for 6 months. He was 1.5 years old and had already been in two different homes. He has been a treasured member of our family since then. He is now almost 18 years old and still occasionally gets the zoomies. He is our best bud and we are so thankful that he adopted us.
–Ed and Rita H.

We had lost our little Mayhem in June of 2022. We realized our home was too quiet without a dog. A week later Marlon was ours! He is the best dog!

I definitely like my papa better, but I love mom too. So far we know I love to play tug! My favorite food is definitely cheese, my favorite time of the day is when I get zoomies and my owners let me run in the backyard. I chase my tail, but don’t play fetch just keep away. Belly up, tail up, and giving off goofy grins we believe as his owners Leo is very happy here.

Cash has been nothing short of amazing since I adopted him. In the 6 weeks of having him, he has had no accidents in the house, he doesn’t need to be in a kennel at all and he doesn’t chew anything. He enjoys car and boat rides, napping and spending time with friends and family. He makes for a great work buddy when I work from home. –Jessica S.

Rufus was very cautious of people and barked a lot. But he is a very smart boy and with some training in manners, he’s coming around nicely. So glad we found him. –Sarah

We found Zara when we were looking for a doggie to share our new home with us. As soon as we saw her pictures we both had to meet her! After we met her we couldn’t wait to get her home. Since then Zara has definitely become the perfect fit to our little family! We love her so much. From playing in the yard to taking her to the state parks and getting to see her play in water for the first time. She has brought nothing but joy. She is our little girl and all 3 of us couldn’t be happier!

After looking for a new fur baby for a while, and having to return our first attempt, we have become part of Sammy’s pack. He is a wonderful boy and we are very glad to be his adoptive family. He thinks he is a lap dog! –Roxanne

This wonderful dog came into our lives at the perfect time. We lost our beloved dog of 10 years at the ripe old age of 16, just after Thanksgiving 2020. Our hearts were still fighting the loss and with the holidays coming, it was that more difficult. We adopted a cat from OAHS in 2018. We’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with OAHS. So, we decided to look again for another canine baby. We pulled up the website and Scooby caught our eye. We were hoping to find a small breed, and there he was. We automatically submitted the adoption application. Within a day we heard back and scheduled a visit. We had the most amazing visit with Scooby and instantly fell in love with him. The staff were wonderful and they went out of their way to let us pick him up on Christmas Eve. He was the best Christmas present as well as gifts for him. Thank you OAHS for giving letting us adopt Scooby and filling our hearts with his love and devotion that he has given us. –Kelly C.

We love him! –Derek E.

Luna was brought to a shelter in Texas on June 3rd (which is my b-day) and came to Wisconsin July 2nd. Had the initial visit with her July 18th and picked Luna up July 24th. We’re still getting to know each others personalities but the last couple days she’s been really opening up and showing her goofiness and playful side. Thanks OAHS for the opportunity, She’s a great addition to the household. –Clayton L.

We adopted Tiffany on August 9th, 2019. She adjusted very well very quick. Tiffany has been such a joy in our lives and an amazing addition to our family. We love all of the funny sounds she makes and how excited she gets when we come home from work or school.

I was given the opportunity to adopt a precious companion. She was at the shelter as Bella, and she continues to be called Bella. She has filled a void in my life that I can’t explain. Her ability to make me laugh at times when I need it, is greatly appreciated. Bella enjoys walks, playing tug-a-war and fetch with her rope toy. She is well behaved and I have no issues with her. My grandchildren adore her and she them. She is at the window to watch me when I leave and at the door to greet me when I come home . My experience adopting her was quick and efficient. The staff were a pleasure to work with. –Margaret H

Here I am trying to fit in a cat bed. My new best friend, Baby, and I have our beds in the master bedroom. Pretty cool right? I am very happy living with Ann & Owen A. Thank you!

Das is doing super awesome! I think he’s really liking his new Canadian home! He’s no longer an anxious dog. Sasha has taught him how to be brave and he is more confident every day! He’s very well behaved in the house and has great recall off leash. He and Sasha are getting along great and are becoming best of friends. Happy Birthday to Das today! We made sure to do some extra celebrating on our hike today. I think he knew it was a special day! Thank you so much again for taking a chance on us. He has truly brought happiness to our home. Ryan & Evan Sasha & Das

Meet Gus aka Rush. He is doing very well. He’s completely potty trained and he does tricks. He sleeps in my bed with me and he is a wonderful, wonderful, little dog. Thank you again! –Allie

Dina (known to you as Lacey) is doing really good: great dog. Potty training is going better than I had thought it would: only a few accidents here and there. She loves to go on walks and play with her lamb chop. She also loves to play with these puppy puzzles that i bought for her. She’s very silly always flipping her toys behind the couch, then she gets a confused look like where did it go. She loves fetch, doesn’t always bring the toy back to me 75 percent of the time but she’s getting better at it. As far as improving on adoption process I felt everything went great. You were all very helpful. –Jaime M

I am really excited about Christmas because mommy says Santa will bring me something special. She doesn’t know this…but I heard her telling somebody they thought he got me a snuffle mat. Apparently my nose gets me in trouble so this is a good toy to keep me busy. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but if there’s food involved and I get to use my sniffer I know I will love it! I included some pictures of me and my family when we went to cut down our Christmas tree and me in front of my stocking…I’m such a handsome devil! I’m almost 5 months old but I know you couldn’t forget my handsome face. Mom says we can stop in sometime later this month. Until then…tell everyone back at the shelter happy holidays and please let them know I’m doing great! –Diesel and the Dalton Family

I’m Jake and I fit my new family perfectly. Aren’t they great looking? I’m a fast learner and know sit, lay, down, shake, fetch and I’m working on stay. I LOVE balls! I could carry one around all day if there weren’t so many other toys to play with. My sister Harlie and I are pros at destuffing and desqueaking any toy. I’m a great cuddler and I take up as much room as I possibly can. I love to invade Harlie’s sleeping spot whether she likes it or not.I’m always at the door to greet my family when they come home and I’m always following them around like a little shadow because I just don’t want to miss out on anything. Mom says I add spunk to their life – something they didn’t have before. She says I’m the cutest and sweetest boy. Thank you OAHS for finding me my family. I love them so much and they love me just as much.Merry Christmas and Happy New YearJake (that’s me on the left), my sister Harlie and my fantastic “mom” & “dad” Jordan and Leah

I was adopted in August 2016 after spending most of my first 2 years in a shelter. My life has totally changed! I have a home and family. I fit right in. They say, “Nattie, we love you, we couldn’t imagine a day without you.” We go for walks and the dog park. You wouldn’t believe how much wrestling my brother Cassius and I do. I finally found love and I hope all pets do- Keep dreaming and it will come true. I’ll always remember all of you! Love & kisses, Nattie D

I’ve enclosed picture of Barley with his sisters which was a bit more challenging to take that expected as it isn’t always easy to get all three to look forward at the same time…..but I did get a few! He is quite the handsome young dude and enjoys his weekly brushing sessions…but with treats and personal attention, who wouldn’t? I appreciated OAHS’s adoption process and approach to try and find the best suited family for each of your pets as possible. Your staff/volunteers showed genuine care and concern for Barley and gladly answered many of my questions while we tried to determine if Barley would a good fit for us as well. Once again thank you for all your time and patience with your animals at OAHS and for choosing our family for Barley as we are very lucky to have him. –Tracy H

Pet Name: Sugar (formerly Mouse) We cannot thank the Oshkosh Area Humane Society enough for helping us find the perfect dog for our family. We brought Sugar (formerly known as Mouse) home about 10 weeks ago and she has brought us lots of love. She loves to go for jogs almost as much as she loves to curl up and sleep as close as she can get to one of us. Our family is so glad Sugar decided to let us adopt her. Jay, Patty, Lexi and Ella S

Boomer (Chevy) is truly the most loving dog a family could ask for. Thank you to the staff at Heritage Animal Hospital for the wonderful care they took with Boomer and another thank you to OAHS for affording us the opportunity to care for this wonderful animal. Initially, we were at OAHS to visit with another dog but knew the moment we saw Boomer in his kennel, broken and hurting, he would be coming home with us. Boomer remained at the shelter until his surgery to remove one of his front legs. His transition into our home right after surgery was just peaceful, he only wanted to snuggle and be close to these people he didn’t know. Needless to say, he is all healed now and there isn’t anything stopping him from moving. Boomer is fast! He loves to play outside, chase his tennis ball, look at the cats sitting on their cat tree all day (indoors), play with his toys inside and sleep anywhere he can keep his eye on us. We are thankful for the opportunity to foster Boomer and even more so, to have adopted this wonderful pup. Marc L and Amy M

Smitty is the best boy! He doesn’t make a mess in the house and only chews on his doggy treats. Likes to go on walks, (unless it’s cold -he’s not a fan) and does well on his leash. Super sweet! Lisa L

We adopted Dexter, a five-year-old Bichon Shih Tzu mix in June 2016. From the minute he stepped in our home he was completely at home. He never whined and slept deeply the entire first night in his new little bed, and never acted stressed or unsure. I think he loved it here and I have two other older dogs that showed him the ropes. Dexter did have regular accidents in the house those first couple months but we worked with him and were very patient with him and I am happy to say he no longer has accidents in the house. He is very well potty trained and goes to the bathroom immediately when outside. As a matter of fact I wish my other two dogs were as efficient ha ha. We are so happy to have Dexter in our lives and it just goes to show how far a little love and patience can go when dealing with a rescue. I hope you enjoy the following pictures and please be sure to share them with Ann and Sandy his foster mom. Thank you, Leann

This is Robby and we adopted him 4 years ago. We celebrated Maddie’s birthday and collected donations instead of gifts. This is Maddie reading to Robby.

Scuppers Bear Bowen came home with us on March 28th. He has met several times with trainer Jen Clarke, and done very, very well with her. He has been wonderful with our two-year granddaughter. He likes her a lot. Scuppers says hi, especially to Ann! We thank you for all you have done, and all you do, from the bottom of our hearts. Karen Bowen

This is Sasha formerly known as Casey. She has been a joy with new learning experiences. We got her a year and half ago. Such a ball of energy! The day we went looking for a dog, we told ourselves that we would know when we saw the dog. Went from place to place and when we came to OAHS and Ann paired us with Sasha, it was instant. She curled in our legs and gave kisses and we were so excited when we got the call like an hour before you close saying we could pick her up tomorrow since you closed soon. We sped to Oshkosh because we wanted her now and wanted to make our house a home. Thank you OAHS and Ann for the match. Xoxo

We adopted Josie one year ago tomorrow. It is difficult to even remember what life was like before she joined our family. She brings so much laughter and light to our days. Thank you OAHS for Josie!

I am doing just fine in my new home. I have been going to school. When I started I knew nothing but now I know to sit, lay, stand and “leave it”. I’m working on coming and not jumping on guests. My teacher says I am very smart. Dad walks me every day. Mom & Dad takes me for rides with them in the car. I love being in the car. Love to all, Sweetheart, Elaine & Frank

Merry Christmas for Stuey – age 9 From Philip & Mary C

Adopted November 2014. Hope this merry season brings you special happiness. Wishing you a wnderful holiday season and a new year filled with forever homes for all OAHS pets. Best wishes Teddy(Snoopy) and his “people” Amy & Scott

Merry Christmas to all at OAHS! The Lau/Hatcher family is sending many tidings of love and joy. The gift is sent on behalf of Isabella “Dixie” Hatcher , adopted 02-05-2014. As you can see, she is a cherished, well-fed, and very spoiled princess! Our life wouldn’t be the same without her and we are grateful for your role in that. Justin, Jen, Kayleigh & Isabella

Eureka (to your right) was adopted March 27, 2012 by Brian & Wendy Guild. Aren’t the two of them cute together?

Merry Christmas 2014 to all my friends at OAHS!Love, Joker MenzelPS. I am now 14 years old. Joan adopted me Oct 16, 2010.

We adopted Blueberry in November. We really didn’t know what we were in for when we decided to adopt as we did not train her, but she is *AMAZING*! Blueberry has definitely warmed our home and our hearts. She thinks she is a lap dog. She loves to play outside with the kids and is such a snuggle bug. Thank you! Jessica Street

We wanted to tell you how wonderful Daisy is doing in our family, we love her. She is getting lots of walks and love. She is learning new tricks and seems to love her new home. Thank you for all the work you do for animals, we really appreciate it! Michelle, Kevin and Cooper

Daphne (formerly known as Foxy). Daphne is the sweetest dog! She has brought so much life into our home. She has given a little pep to our 7 year old yorkie. She came to us with a submissive urination problem, but that is now only a very minor issue. She is such a lover and I can’t imagine our home without her now. Cindi P

Zeus (formerly Chuck) was officially adopted roughly 2 months ago. We knew he was a sweet heart from the start, but weren’t sure how our other dog Xena (formerly Tootie of OAHS) would react. After the second day we knew Zeus was a nearly perfect fit for our diva dog, Xena. After only a few days the two were nearly inseparable from the time they woke up until bed time. Not much has changed in that respect as Zeus- who originally wanted nothing to do with swimming- has now become a fish in water thanks to Xena. Our time with Zeus has been short, but we have made many wonderful memories with him already and plan to make many more as he has found his forever home!Thank you OAHS for our two fur babies!!!

Jazzy – (black) adopted from OAHS 5/10/13Cooper – (tan) adopted from GLAAS 12/24/11 Merry Christmas 2015 Vanessa & Erik J

We adopted Bella around June of 2013, she was picked up as a stray and had been there for around 2 months before we got her. Now she is happy and healthy American Staffy mix that loves to play in the woods and chew on bones. Kimberly D

As promised some pictures of Abby, and as I told Ann we’ve made some progress but still have a bit to go yet. Working with her and the cats is still a work in progress. But she is a very smart and gentle dog towards us. Sincerely Heather & Bill B


At first Cleo was a shy girl, hiding away for all hours of the day and running away when we went near her. Now, a few months later, she allows us to pick her up and hold her, and she spends most of her time in the open areas of the house! She is so sweet when she runs to greet me at the door when I come home. I heard her purring for the first time her last week. It is so rewarding to see her doing so well! Not only is she more comfortable around us, but she is learning how to play with toys. She is so happy and so am I to have adopted Cleo and Salem. They are my best friends and the best cats anyone could ask for! Thank you OAHS!

Our new little cat just came to our home a week ago and has adjusted well. He loves to be where all the activities are and is very social.

Salem is so happy to be around us her overgroomed fur is growing back! She comes into our bed every night and curls up under the covers! She loves to be under blankets. She has gotten comfortable being pet around her belly, and she comes begging for love and pets every chance she gets! I am so happy to have adopted her and Cleo from OAHS! They are my best friends and the best cats anyone could ask for! Thank you OAHS!

My fiancé and I went to the shelter hoping to find a calm, easy-to-manage kitten as first-time cat owners. Instead, we found Linus and Charlie (now Sprite and Fanta). These two nearly identical 6-month-old brothers were everything we needed, even if we didn’t know it yet. They were playful, rambunctious, and full of attitude. Now, a year later, they are our little family. There is never a dull moment with these two lovely boys. They love going for walks, wearing cute sweaters, causing trouble, and cuddling with anything and everything. We could not have asked for better cats!!! Thank you OAHS for helping us find our family 3

I adopted McChicken on October 20, 2023 and she has been living her best life since then! She loves cuddles and the laser pointer. She will headbutt you in the face until you pet her, no matter what time of day or night it is. I’m so glad I could give her a happy forever home and I can’t wait for more of her personality to show! And yes her tongue is always sticking out lol!

Laura and Dan are my forever humans. They brought me home 8-10-2022. They named me Roxy. I was Alice Cooper at OAHS. I impress my parents with my running and jumping skills. Laura likes my snuggling and lap sitting abilities. Dan likes that I run to greet him when he comes home and I jump onto his shoulders. They give me lots of love and I behave perfectly. They appreciate the excellent effort, care and personality assessments that OAHS gave me so I could be matched with them. We are very thankful to OAHS.

We have loved every minute of having these girls in our home. The staff at OAHS knew immediately that Fern and Marceline would be purrrfect additions to our family. Thank you so much for helping all of us! Christy S.

My son & I went to the shelter to adopt a (singular) cat. While all the other cats were crawling all over us, Meep & Dreamsicle just laid there with a sad look as if to say, “why bother – nobody takes us.” (They had been in the Shy Cat Program at OAHS for 6 months). Needless to say they both melted our hearts and we adopted both. It has been about 2 1/2 months and they have settled in quite well. They are a constant joy to have around. CJ L.

Dutchess has brought so much love and happiness to our home already! She loves her fishing toy, wet food, and nighttime cuddles. We are lucky to have her!

The joy of finding out you got a cat for Christmas! Nicole M.

We thought fostering would be a great idea, but let me tell you this boy captured our heart. Jesk (was Fray) was so timid when we picked him up but within days he was a part of the family. He loves to wake us up at night to knead and roll on our necks but we can’t be mad because it’s such a sweet way to be woken. Full of energy, loves wrestling with Finn and Eden and is obsessed with making the roof on his kitten bed collapse. Sweet boy has the most beautiful big orange/brown eyes I’ve ever seen. He is so happy, and loved. We are so lucky to have him. Easy cure for my empty nest syndrome from my children now becoming adults. Jesk is just like having a little toddler running around!

I went to the shelter to get a second kitty so that my cat at home would have a friend. I told the staff what I was looking for and they pointed me in the perfect direction. In the first cat room I visited, I met Biscotti and fell in love. He was shy at first, but I took a chance on him. He was home 3 days later and he has come out of his shell. He’s showing that he can be a playful, snuggly, sweet cat who just needed the right person to love him. I’m so thankful to the staff for connecting me with this amazing kitty.

Always a huge smile on his face, he’s a sucker for any toy you put infront of him, Loves treats and tries to sneak human food every chance he gets. Judging by the (healing) wounds on Finns neck, I can tell he had a very rough start in life. That being said, Finn is one of the most loving, trusting, curious, loyal kittens I have ever come across. The only time Finn leaves my side is when his brother gets hyper and initiates playtime. Otherwise he’s stuck to me like glue. I call him my Shadow. I’m sure that when Finn came to your facility he was uncomfortable, in pain, scared and lost. I feel like the care he received from your staff is the reason he continued to keep a positive attitude,all while getting his wounds and illness cared for by some of the best. Thank you all for all that you do for animals who come in injured or ill. My Finn sure is lucky to have landed in your care. I have vowed to him to make sure he will always be safe, loved, happy and healthy and that he never suffers in the way he began his life.

Our kitty was originally named Toasted Marshmallow but that was a bit too lengthy for his pet tag. After being home for a week we tossed names back and forth because we weren’t sure what to rename him. It was a lengthy list but as soon as the name Loki came out we knew it was the perfect name. He’s a bit of a mischief maker but in a good way so the name was perfect. He loves to cuddle… only at 2 am, and only in the middle of the bed. Melissa C.

Hi! I’m Melvin and I’m a 10 year old medium-haired cat. When my parents saw me in the shelter, I was very shy and not very playful. Since I’ve been in my forever home, I’ve gone from hiding under the bed to snuggling next to my parents all the time, and sleeping with them in bed. I also love my little mouse toys!

Leo and Phoebe were named Smile and Twinkle at the shelter. We adopted them two months ago and are so happy to have them. Leo is an easygoing sweetheart who loves to rub his lips on your face. Phoebe is spunky little girl with a loud purr and a big appetite. Their big brother Rusty is getting used to them but not quite in love yet like we are. Rusty, Leo and Phoebe are the stars of my Instagram account. Thank you for rescuing and caring for my fur babies. Mary R.

Fáilte is an Irish word meaning “welcoming” and he definitely lives up to that name! Every time I see Fáilte I am greeted with a little meow and lots of snuggles. His favorite thing to do is curl under my neck and give me little nose kisses. Fáilte also lives to sleep of surfaces that his front feet and head can hang from! Thank you OAHS for offering me this opportunity for such an amazing family member! Ashley K.

I could not have gotten a better cat than Jack to love! With being new to the area and moving away from home he has brought so much joy to my life! I honestly can not thank you all enough!! McKenzie S.

I adopted Hugo from OAHS at the end of November. He is an amazing companion and is incredibly cute! Hugo has a habit of being clumsy, but he makes up for it with all his goofy faces. His favorite look is sticking his tongue out! I’m so happy OAHS gave me this opportunity to another addition to the family! Ashley K.

Snickers is doing great. Her sniffles went away. She’s out and about with the rest of the group, no issues. Everyone is very respectful of her, and she could care less if they’re there. Her favorite spot to sleep is in the cat tree. Thank you! Samantha Fafnis

We brought Catsby (was Monkey) home a few weeks ago. He has settled in well with our resident dog, and is starting to get our resident cat to warm up to him as well. We had a bit of a rough start. Catsby had some health issues at the beginning but the good news is he is on the proper treatment for both ailments and is starting to feel great! The sores that were behind his ears from when he was surrendered are gone and the fur is starting to grow back as well!

I like to play with my brother, Achilles and sister, Bovie. I like watching the birds on the feeder while I sunbathe in the window. I will eat any and all human food. I come to my name when there is soft food for dinner. My Dad says when I jump, I land with a thud like a bowling ball. I still love my camo blanket.

Since we adopted our two humans, they appear to have adapted quite well.We have mastered the game of hide and seek. Mom and Dad got us a cat tree, and to make them happy, we pretend to like it. Mishka reached a major milestone this week as she has figured out how to drink from the faucet. Next step is teaching her how to shut the water off. Headbutts and Purrs, Vasia and Mishk

Our kitties Ivan (Chrizo) and Izzy (Syrup) are doing great. The have acclimated well to their new home and to there new canine buddy, Samson. They received a thumbs up from the vet! We are so happy that we could give them a comfortable and loving home. Matt & Tammy Brown

Everything is going amazing with Rascal. She is now a lap cat. She loves to sit in the window and watch the animals, people, and cars driving by, and has learned how to open the shades by herself. She also loves to sit on our homework and cuddle up in our laps or in bed on fuzzy blankets. She loves to pull her favorite toys out of her toy box at 5 a.m. and sprint around the house, jumping onto the furniture. She’s crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Her head tilt has made her balance a little off but she has learned how to manage jumping onto the bed, into the window sills, and playing very well! She loves to wear her special collars too! She knows she is the queen of the house. Ciara Trunnell, Kyle Stevinson, and Rascal

Sugar and Bingo are doing fine. They like to chase each other and wrestle. Lena A

Polly loves getting her belly rubbed, playing with her toys and lounging in the sun, sometimes watching birds and squirrels on the upper deck. Loves exploring our house, at night she sleeps on my bed purring with full content. Polly and I thank you Oshkosh Humane Society. Thomas Mengeling

My humans are very good people. I get lots of pets, cuddles, yummy treats and fun toys. My favorite place in the house is on my human sister’s bed. It’s oh so soft! I’m an older but still very sweet girl. I love to cuddle up with my human sister when I get cold. When my people pet me I try to return the love and pet them back. I’m so happy with my new forever home! Love, Nala, adopted by Ashley S

I adopted Odie on July 27th and he has settled in very comfortably. He loves laps, carrying around his sparkle ball toys, watching the birds at the feeders and just generally “cat lounging”. He is 9 and his adopted brother is 15 but they still have cat races through the house with one in the lead one time and the other leading the next time. He has been a great addition to the family and also inspects Christmas presents as you can see from the picture. OAHS thanks for keeping him until I could adopt him! Cathy Kaspar

I’m 12 years old and was adopted by Holly & Miranda on 1/10/17. I like to nap, eat, play with my toys (especially at night), and paw at my reflection in the mirror. Something Special About Me: You may not have known it in the Humane Society because I was a little cranky with the others cats, but I am a VERY loving cat and I adore scratches & cuddles from my moms.

We adopted Mikey on 9-2-16. He is a gray tabby and is the sweetest boy. He loves playing with his brother Ricky who we adopted on the same day! He LOVES to eat so he already could lose some weight. He is cuddly and is such a honey! Mary Kay Heath

We adopted Butters, now Ricky, on 9-2-16. He is all kitten and more. He loves to play and be by us a lot. He does get carried away so some days are challenging! We love him to pieces. He is so cute you can’t stay mad at him. Ricky loves to play with his “brother” Mikey we adopted on the same day. He also has a step-sister Margo. They really don’t like each other. Oh, well… Mary Kay Heath

We adopted Fluffy Mcfly, now Theodore, in November. We were at OAHS getting our other cats in for nail caps. While waiting, this little energetic black kitty started playing with our fingers. We instantly fell in love. After lots of pondering if we should get a 5th cat, we decided to adopt him. He instantly fit right in. He is constantly running around with his brothers and making us laugh every second. Looking at him makes us feel so happy and lucky he was at the front desk that day and how we changed his life forever. Madison Wendt


Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia are happy in their new home!

Chloe and Simba are honey bunnies happy together!