Need to rehome or surrender your pet? There are options!

IMPORTANT: If you think you might need to surrender your pet, or would like to discuss other options please first call our Caregiving Department at 920.424.2128 (choose #2 then #1) to discuss your situation. We schedule all surrenders to ensure a staff person is available to best serve you and your animal.   If you are considering rehoming your pet on your own, we can help with that too!  Scroll down for more information. 

Are you unable to keep your animal? 

We understand there are many reasons a person can no longer care for an animal - whether the situation is temporary or permanent.  Before making the decision to rehome or surrender consider the following:

  • Is there a friend or family member you could ask to take the pet temporarily until your situation changes?
  • Is it a behavior issue that could be managed with the right information and guidance? Many behavior issues are manageable! (We do have a cat behavioral counselor right here at OAHS and can suggest other area trainers/behaviorists) 
  • Are you moving and can't find pet-friendly housing? Click HERE
  • Are you facing eviction or looking for rental assistance?  Click HERE

Surrendering Your Pet to OAHS

Oshkosh Area Humane Society (OAHS) understands there are sometimes circumstances preventing you from keeping your pet. OAHS is here to help you; whether it means surrendering your pet to us, offering advice, or referring you to other resources.  If you adopted your pet from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society(OAHS) we do ask that you please return the pet to OAHS. Please call our Care Giving Department at 920.424.2128 ext 2, then ext 1 if you want to discuss surrender and/or alternatives.

Rehome, From Your Home!

OAHS hosts a rehoming page on our website where you can post your pet for adoption. Nobody knows your pet better than you! You can provide the best description of their personality and pictures of them in a home setting. Additionally, you would be most knowledgeable when talking to a potential new owner about whether the animal would be a good fit for them. Rehoming your pet this way allows them to stay at home in comfortable surroundings while you select the home that you think will be the best for them. This also leaves one more opening at OAHS for those animals without someone to advocate for them. OAHS does recommend pets be spayed or neutered and current on their rabies before rehoming them. 

If you adopted your pet from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society(OAHS) we do ask that you please return the pet to OAHS.

Social media is also an option for posting your animal.  There are many Facebook groups dedicated to pet rehoming.  

Writing about your pet:  First and foremost - Be HONEST.  If you know your dog doesn't like other dogs, or cats, or isn't good with small children, make sure anyone interested knows too.  Set your pet up for success by being honest about their needs, whether they've been around other animals, and who they've lived with and socialized with.  Provide any vet records to the new owner. 

Tips on writing your pet's adoption profile 

OAHS Rehome Your Pet Form - fill out to list your pet on our website

Rehoming Adoption Contract Template - use for transferring ownership of your pet legally and safely

Rehoming Responsibly: Suggestions for rehoming your pet safely and responsibly by the Humane Society of the United States: