• PET ADOPTION - Nothing makes OAHS happier than finding that perfect match for pets and families. If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, please make pet adoption from OAHS your first option. Many wonderful pets are just waiting to be loved. The process is simple:
       1. Work with an adoption specialist to find the pet you & your family want to adopt.
       2. Fill out the adoption application.
       3. Meet with an adoption specialist to answer any questions you may have about taking home your new pet and sign the adoption papers. 

  • LOST & FOUND - Have you lost or found a pet? Please contact OAHS right away and file a lost or found report with one of our staff people. Reports stay on file until the pet is back with its rightful owner. When a pet comes into OAHS, the lost reports are immediately checked in hopes of reuniting the pet with its family. If you have found a pet, be sure to have it scanned for a microchip. OAHS and veterinarians have universal scanners that can read many different types of microchips. Microchips, embedded under the skin between the shoulder blades of a cat or dog, are another way of finding the pet's owner. Please help a lost pet find its way home: file a lost or found report and be sure to take the pet somewhere to be scanned for possible microchip information. Keep your pets safe by making sure they always wear a collar with identification tags with your current information on them.

  • VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITES - OAHS is always looking for volunteers to socialize cats, dogs and small mammals. Volunteers must be at last 16 years of age and attend the volunteer orientation and a hands-on class before working with the animals. Volunteers are asked to commit to at least 6 hours a month. Besides working with the animals, volunteers are needed to help set up special events, stuff envelopes, run errands such as vet visits or picking up supplies. There is always laundry and cleaning to be done too. It takes many hands to keep things running smoothly so your help is greatly appreciated.

  • CAT BEHAVIOR HOTLINE - Does your cat have a litter box problem or exhibit some kind of behavior you don't understand? Maybe we can help. Be sure to first have your pet checked out by a veterinarian to make sure there is not a medical issue causing the change in behavior. All the behavior modification in the world can't solve a medical problem. Calls are done on a return call basis only. Be sure and leave your name, number, a brief message and the best time to call you back. Call 920-230-0279 to leave a message or email

  • CLIP AND GO NAIL TRIMMING FOR CATS - Cat nail trims are available by appointment only and are free to OAHS cat adopters. For cats not adopted from OAHS a minimum donation of $5 is greatly appreciated. Cat nails usually need to be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. Please call OAHS at 920-424-2128 to set up an appointment at least three days before you would like to bring your cat in for a trim. See information on Nail Caps below.

  • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS - OAHS offers educational programs and tours to groups of all ages. We can either come to you or have you can come to OAHS for an educational program. Children learn the importance of being a responsible pet owner while being reminded of the of "The Golden Rule." Taking the Golden Rule one step further, children learn to play the game "Put Yourself in Your Pet's Place" and the parallels between their needs and the needs of all pets. Programs allow for interaction and participation in mini demonstrations about animal behavior and how animals and humans sometimes fail to understand each other. Programs and tours are scheduled no less than two weeks in advance. Sorry, tours and/or programs are not available on Saturdays. For detailed information call 920-303-3166.

  • EMERGENCIES - FIRST RESPONDERS - Emergency and police professionals who respond first to scenes of crisis or crime rely on the Oshkosh Area Humane Society twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, to provide shelter and care for animals that may be involved in life-threatening situations. Whether it is a fire, car accident, domestic abuse case, crime scene or natural disaster, OAHS staff appears on the scene, rescuing and housing animals until it is safe for them to return to their homes.

  • FAMILY CRISIS - Each year the Oshkosh Area Humane Society fosters family pets in instances of domestic abuse. Many women are fearful of leaving their animals, so they carefully plan their departure to make sure all of their family members are protected from the violence. The OAHS has been partnering with the Christine Ann Center since 1998 with the intent of eliminating one of the obstacles that may prevent women from leaving an abusive situation.

  • NAIL CAPS FOR CATS - Nail caps are vinyl covers glued onto the front claws of a cat to keep them from scratching. They are a great training tool for any cat being introduced into a new home or "territory". The application of nail caps is included with every OAHS cat adoption for the life of the cat. Nail caps are $21.00 with tax for a pack of 40 and come in a variety of colors. Nail caps must be changed or removed every 6 weeks for the health of the cat's claws. Appointments for nail caps are necessary. Please call 920-424-2128 to set up an appointment at least three days before you would like to bring your cat in for nail caps.

  • REFERRALS - If OAHS can't help you, we will try to find someone who can. OAHS has a list of area veterinarians, dog obedience classes and a vast amount of animal behavioral information. All of this information is free for the asking. Our goal is to help pet owners with their pet-related concerns thereby keeping pets in their original homes. It's okay to ask for help - that's what we're here for.

  • SAFE HAVEN FOR PETS IN DANGER OF ABUSE - See Family Crisis above.

  • TOURS - Tours are a great way to learn more about what OAHS does to help people and animals in our community. Visitors see all the public areas of the shelter and get a peek at the behind the scene areas too. For school groups and/or scout troops please allow at least an hour as an educational program preceeds every tour. While there isn't time to visit with all the animals there is always an OAHS Greeter cat or two waiting for a scratch under the chin. Programs and tours are scheduled no less than two weeks in advance. Sorry, tours and/or programs are not available mornings or on Saturdays. For detailed information call 920-303-3166.

  • WILDLIFE - Call OAHS if you see or find any wild animal that you think is hurt or in danger. Unless the animal is immediate danger (in the street or road) do not move the animal until you call OAHS. Often times humans move baby animals when leaving them alone would have allowed the parents to come and retrieve them. We can refer you to a wildlife specialist if the animal is in need of medical care. See our article on Orphaned Animals.