About Live Release (Save) Rate

The Asilomar Report is a report generated directly from our database giving the inventory, intake and outcome of all dogs and cats (the report does NOT include small mammals, TNR or other community spay/neuter surgeries) for a specified time period. The Live Release Rate - otherwise known as the Save Rate - is the percentage of dogs and cats adopted, returned to their owner, or transferred to another organization. You may notice animals euthanized are sometimes in the "healthy" column.  This refers to medical health only and not behavioral.  The Oshkosh Area Humane Society considers euthanasia for an animal only if the animal is suffering from a medical or behavioral condition that has no treatment or management options and their quality of life is poor, or if the animal is considered a danger to public safety.  

Please keep in mind there is no perfect report to measure the success of a shelter. It is important to know every shelter has its own definition of what is healthy, unhealthy, treatable, manageable and rehabilitatable depending on their policies, resources, medical care options, etc. (Guidelines for Asilomar categories can be found at Asilomar Accords ).