FeLV Cats Given Chance at Happiness

Oblivion and Kersplash (named after rollercoasters) are two young, playful boys

who happened to test positive for the Feline Leukemia virus (FeLV). They were transferred to OAHS from another shelter. FeLV is a retrovirus that can cause a variety of diseases in cats by invading and replicating itself inside of living cells, making it impossible to cure. In most infected cats, FeLV results in a weaker immune system, making them more vulnerable against common infections. Although the virus can be spread to other cats it does not affect humans or other species of animals. Cats with FeLV can live normal, healthy and active lives for years with proper nutrition, regular medical checkups and a low-stress environment. At OAHS we believe cats who test positive for FeLV deserve an opportunity for their forever home too. We are very happy to announce that as this e-newsletter was put together, Oblivion and Kersplash were getting ready to go to their new home after being adopted!
Congratulations Oblivion and Kersplash!