Sweet Senior Autumn Ready for New Start

Autumn came to OAHS at 10-years old and

although her smiling face and bouncy personality didn't show it, she had some medical issues that needed to be addressed. Besides skin allergies and ongoing ear issues, she also had five masses removed from her abdomen and tail. Tests showed slow-growing cancer cells in the masses. However, four out of the five showed clear margins after removal and the type of cancer has a high survival rate. She may very well be throwing her stuffies around for several more years! Autumn is also having bladder stones removed next week and will need to be on prescription food to prevent more stones in the future.

Although Autumn does have some medical challenges she LOVES life and everything that comes with it. She's a social butterfly with a spunky attitude and her favorite thing is chewing on a stuffed toy while cuddling with a friend. To know Autumn is to love her.

Although Autumn's medical care is estimated to cost about $2,500, we know she deserves to be as healthy as possible when she starts her new chapter with her forever family. Learn more about Autumn on our website here.

If you'd like to donate to Autumn's care, please make a donation to our Silver Paws Fund, which supports needed medical care for senior animals looking for a new start. Click here to donate now.