Coronavirus (COVID-19) News and Updates at OAHS

The Oshkosh Area Humane Society is focused on protecting the health and well-being of the animals in our care, our staff, volunteers, and the community we serve. We will update this page with any new developments; we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this situation together with the communities we serve.  (if on the home page click title to read more.)

At OAHS, the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, guests and animals is our top priority. Although we are not yet opening our doors to unregulated traffic, we are making gradual changes to our adoption processes in order to accommodate more adopters while still maintaining safety procedures. We ask everyone visit our website for our new adoption process here.

Although we understand some people may be frustrated with the limitations, it is our obligation to do everything possible to prevent infection in our building. Infection that could potentially quarantine entire departments and limit our ability to help animals. They need us, and we need to continue to be here for them. 

What can you do to help the animals?

- Adopt!   

View our available animals here on our website and see our new adoption process!  When you adopt you not only save an animal, you open a spot for another animal to be helped! 

- Donate!  

The animals need us more now than ever and we cannot turn them away.  Unlike some other rescues and shelters, OAHS cannot pick which animals come in and when.  We care for stray animals, we are still taking owner surrendered animals (emergencies only) and we are still taking care of our current animals waiting for their forever homes.  We appreciate any amount you can afford to give.  Click here to donate now so we can continue to be here for animals in need. 

- Spread the Word! 

Stay up to date on news and updates from OAHS by liking our page on Facebook and sharing with friends!  


Are you open to the public?

We are not yet open to unregulated public traffic as we need to control the number of people in our building at any given time.  However, we have made changes to the adoption process to allow cat or small mammal adopters more flexibility and are allowing up to five in the building at one time during specific hours. View our new adoption process HERE.   

What safety measures are you taking for  staff, volunteers and visitors?

We have implemented extra cleaning measures as well as requiring staff and volunteers to wear masks while in the building.  We are regulating the number of people in the building.  We are requesting visitors wear masks (we can provide them here) and respect the 6-foot-social-distancing recommendations.    

Are you still doing adoptions?

Yes, although our adoption process has been modified to control the number of people in our building. We have modified our adoption process so we are asking those interested in adopting fill out and submit an adoption application first (even if you haven’t decided on a particular animal), making the process more efficient. See our new adoption process on our website HERE.

Are cat nail trim and cap services changing?

Yes, we have modified this service to accommodate cat owners while still maintaining social distancing and sanitary protocols. Nail trims and caps will be scheduled from 12 pm to 1 pm Tuesday- Friday and 1 pm to 2 pm on Saturday. Please call (920) 303-3166 to schedule a day. We are scheduling a maximum of 10 people per day. Those scheduled are asked to drive up to the front door (there may be a line). A staff person will take your cat in its carrier from the car, bring it in for the service, and bring it back out to your car when finished.

Can OAHS take animal surrenders?

Yes, however we are asking that if it is not an emergency and the family or the animal is not in danger that you keep the animal during this time as to not overload available resources. If you must surrender your animal, or have a situation and are unsure if it is an emergency, please call (920) 424-2128 to speak to a caregiver.

Will you still take stray animals?

Yes. OAHS has a contract with the City of Oshkosh and other area townships and jurisdictions to house and care for stray animals. All pictures of stray animals are posted on our designated Facebook page: Found Strays at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. If you have a stray from a non-contracted area you will be directed to your local shelter. We are doing this so we do not exceed our resources for care.

We’re very grateful to our community for their patience and understanding as we get through this together.