Thinking of Donating Items? Check out our Most Needed List!

 We are so appreciative of all donations! To ensure there is someone available to receive donations please drop off donations during our public visiting hours:  1 pm - 6 pm Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 11 am - 3 pm Saturday.  

 Please understand due to space constraints and sanitation protocols, we are unable to accept certain items as they simply cannot safely be used for the animals.  Area charities such as St. Vincent DePaul's may be able to accept them.  We suggest always asking a charity if they can accept what you have to donate before dropping it off.

You can from one of our online Wish Lists and have items shipped directly to OAHS: 



- Canned Kitten-Specific Food (Fancy Feast and Purina One both have kitten varieties)

- Purina One Healthy Kitten dry food

- Purina Tender Selects Blend with Real         Chicken dry cat food

- Canned pate-style cat food 

- Purina One Smartblend™ Chicken & Rice     dry dog food

- Soft dog treats - NOT bacon flavor (Pupperoni treats are popular and can be cut up!) 

- Skinless hot dogs 

- Canned dog food - any brand/type

-Canned cat food - any brand/type

- String cheese

- Spreadable Cream Cheese (in tub)

- Copy paper

- Toilet paper & Paper toweling

- Wite-Out Correction Tape

-Unexpired Hand Sanitizer (yes, it does have an
  expiration date)

- Gift Cards for the following stores: Fleet
  Farm, Pick N Save, Festival Foods

- Shop our AMAZON & CHEWY Wish Lists!

We Also Can Accept: 

- Bath Towels (light - medium weight) - no rips or tears please

- Cat Carriers - please be sure zippers, doors, parts work and all parts are included

- Dog Leashes - NO retractable leashes

- Dog/Cat Prescription Medication 

- Prescription Dog/Cat Food in Original Bag (not expired)

- Potty Pads - yes- No doggie diapers

- Any Brand dry Dog/Cat Food - MUST BE IN ORIGINAL BAG - if opened please tape shut (not expired)

- Bleach - Fleet Farm Original Bleach- contains
only 5.25% Sodium Hypochloride 

-Dial Anti-bacterial Liquid Hand soap

- HE-labeled liquid laundry detergent

- Fabric Softener

- Unscented Dryer Sheets

- Blue Dawn dish soap


Expired food of any kind

Dry pet food not in the original packaging 

Used litter boxes

- Bedding: comforters, pillows, sheets, quilts, bedspreads, baby bedding, pillow cases, sleeping bags, mattress pads, etc. - cannot be sanitized efficiently

- Blankets: knit or crocheted, woven,
  tied fleece, etc. - cannot be sanitized efficiently

- Doggie Diapers 

- Used Toys 

- Homemade Toys

- Medical syringes/needles

- Furniture Cushions 

- Rags/Fabric remnants 

- Pet Beds - cannot be properly sanitized.

- Pet Clothing/Coats/sweaters

- Small Mammal Cages/Enclosures 

- Used Litter Boxes

- Food & Water Dishes: feeder stands, fountains

- Elevated dog stands & bowls

- Dog harnesses

- Prong collars or metal chain collars

- Raw food

- Kid's stuffed animals (cannot have plastic/hard eyes/noses - choking hazard)

- Rugs 

- Newspapers

- Cleaning products - we use specific animal-safe       products

- Dog tie-out stakes/tie-out cables. 

- Flea collars