21 Cats, 21 Days, ZERO dollars! You'll hit the Jackpot at OAHS when

you adopt one of our Condo Cats* for ZERO adoption fee (that also means ZERO rabies vaccination fee and ZERO license fee). AND anyone who adopts a Condo Cat will receive a $50 Petco gift card to get started off on the right paw with their new companion! (Thank you to the generous donor who made this possible!). *Condo Cats are cats who are not housed in the community rooms. They may be kept separate because of a special diet or because they don't like being with a crowd of other cats or many other reasons. Stop in and meet some of these wonderful felines!

Low-Cost Cat Spay/Neuter

October 12 & 13  
November 19 & 20 
December 7 & 8

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What People are saying about OAHS

I can't say enough good things about OAHS. They truly care about the animals and want what's best for them. I visited a few times searching for two bonded cats. They led us to Vincent and Jules (formerly Ziggles) and it was meant to be. I couldn't be happier with the boys and can&#...

Whitney Pitzlin
Adopted Ziggles &Vincent, Oshkosh
Apr 24, 2017

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