Was my animal brought to OAHS?

All stray animals brought to OAHS are posted on the Found Strays Facebook page.  The pictures remain posted until the stray-hold period is over (4 days plus the day of intake) or the animal is redeemed by the owner, whichever occurs first. The Oshkosh Area Humane Society is contracted with many townships around the Fox Valley area to take any stray pets that are found. If you find or lose a pet outside of the City of Oshkosh the first step is to contact the Town Chairperson or Constable to either get approval to bring the found animal to OAHS or to get any information about sightings of the animal you have lost.

IMPORTANT: A STRAY ANIMAL BECOMES THE LEGAL PROPERTY OF THE OSHKOSH AREA HUMANE SOCIETY IF NOT CLAIMED WITHIN THE FIVE-DAY STRAY HOLD PERIOD.  Per Wisconsin Act 233, effective March 3, 2016, all stray animals entering an animal control facility or humane society with an animal control contract will have a FIVE (5) day stray hold period, four days plus the day of confiscation. This means that on day SIX (6) in custody, animals who have not been reclaimed may be adopted out or transferred to another facility for adoption.  For more information on the stray-hold laws in Wisconsin click HERE

The OAHS holds stray animal contracts with the following areas – meaning if a stray is found in one of these areas it can be brought to OAHS:

City of Oshkosh

Town of Algoma : 920-235-3789

Town of Black Wolf (Leo, Constable) : 920-410-2400

Town of Neenah (Bob, Chairman) : 920-729-5995

Town of Nekimi : 920-426-5811

Town of Omro (Brian, Chairman) : 920-279-3181

Town of Poygan (Marty, Chairman) : 920-685-6755

Town of Ruschford (Sean, Constable) : 920-685-0913

Town of Utica : 920-410-0347

Other steps to find your lost animal:

1. Submit a Lost Dog Report to OAHS or

Submit a Lost Cat Report to OAHS

Submit lost reports to all other area shelters, rescues and vet clinics.

2. Post your pet online - Craigslist and Facebook are two online sites where you can get your pet's pictures posted along with a thorough description and your contact information. Facebook has both Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Lost Cats of Wisconsin where you can submit the information and they will automatically generate flyers to distribute.

3. Get the word out! Distribute flyers to neighbors and area businesses with a picture, description of your pet and your contact information.