Foster Care


Foster a a life.

The Oshkosh Area Humane Society is a Life Saving Shelter. Every adoptable animal is given the opportunity to find a forever home, regardless of shelter space constraints. Our Foster Care program provides loving temporary homes to those animals needing some extra TLC before being adopted. That can mean kittens too young to be adopted, a pregnant mom looking or a relaxing environment to have her babies, an animal needing time to recover from an illness or injury, or an animal who is stressed in a shelter environment and could use a break.  If you've been thinking about becoming a foster volunteer, now is a perfect time!  

What do you need to provide?

Just your home and your love! We provide everything else including food and supplies such as litter, feeding dishes, toys, medical care, training and support.

Note:  We ask foster homes be located within approx 30 miles (or roughly a half-hour drive) of our shelter as animals will need to return for scheduled appointments/medical updates/etc (kittens require updates every 2-3 weeks).  This also allows our staff veterinarian to be accessible for any medical concerns.  

*We are currently in need of pets-free foster homes for dogs.  If you can give a single dog a break from the shelter for a couple of weeks it helps us get valuable information about them outside of a stressful shelter setting.  



Questions about cat fostering?  E-mail or Call (920) 424-2128 (menu #5 then #2) to learn more about becoming a foster home for cats and kittens.

Questions about dog fostering? E-mail  or call (920) 424-2128 (menu #3 then #3) to learn more about becoming a foster home for dogs.

Your generous gifts of your time, home, and love will save lives.

Note: We require your personal animals are current on vaccines. We also ask you to provide adequate living space for feline fosters, and keep them separated from other pets in your home.