Adoption fees for cats and kittens are free at this time. Licensing fees and rabies vaccination reimbursement fees may apply at the time of adoption (rabies vaccination reimbursement is currently $20 and City of Oshkosh license is $5). Donations are always appreciated to help new animals coming into OAHS.

Cats are spayed/neutered before being adopted and are given age-appropriate vaccinations. Cats are also tested for Feline Leukemia.


Dog adoption fees start at $35 for dogs with special needs. Senior dogs 8 & older typically have an adoption fee of $50-$100.  Higher adoption fees for younger dogs help to supplement the adoption fees of dogs that may be overlooked by adopters because of age or breed.  If you'd like to know the adoption fee of a specific dog please call (920) 424-2128 and ask for our dog adoption counselors. 

Dogs are spayed/neutered before being adopted and are current on vaccinations, dependent on their age. Dogs receive a blood test to check for heartworm disease.


The adoption fee for any small mammal or rabbit is "Name Your Own Price" which means a donation to help the next animal that takes their place is needed and appreciated.  All rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter box trained.