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As part of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society’s Surrender Prevention Program, OAHS offers free behavior consultations to area cat and dog owners free of charge. OAHS resident behavior consultants also evaluate and work with cats and dogs at OAHS waiting for adoption, getting them ready for their new home. Behavior consultants specialize in preventing, managing, and modifying a variety of behaviors exhibited by cats & dogs. Behaviors discussed with clients include litter box issues, aggression, lack of socialization, anxiety and fearfulness, to name a few. OAHS believes not only physical health is important for pets but mental health is just as important.

If you have taken advantage of this free service and/or believe in the importance of good mental health and behavior management for pets, please consider giving a monetary donation to continue this free service. Thank you!

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Behavior Department: Cat & Dog Behavior Consultations
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