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Donation Campaigns

MEMBERSHIP: Our members are the backbone of OAHS! Memberhsip supports OAHS life-saving programs and services. All memberships renew annually in March of every year. Individual Memberships are $25, Family $50. Members receive 20% off all merchandise and products sold at OAHS for the entire membership year and receive voting privileges at the Annual Meeting (not required). Most importantly, membership means more happily-ever-afters for animals.

Membership saves lives!

HUMANE HEROES: Will you be their Hero? 7 days a week, 365 days a year, every animal in our care needs food, medical attention, and a safe, warm place to stay. Our Humane Heroes Program is dedicated to the daily care of these animals in need . All it takes is a pledge of $25 a month, for one year, to list your name on a dog kennel, cat condo, or cat gallery as a Humane Hero. With your help we can continue to give our animals the highest level of care during their stay with us. The animals and OAHS are counting on your pledge for one, full year. Participants can pay monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually (no reminders).  THANK YOU for being their Hero!

GENERAL FUND DONATION: All general donations are used to support our lifesaving work in a variety of areas. Your gift saves the lives of animals in need. Thank you!

 Imagine being rejected because you need to eat a special diet or need to take daily medication in order to remain healthy. For some pets waiting to find their forever home, this is a reality.  But thanks to Destination Home there is hope for these animals to have their health and a forever home too.

Destination Home has been designed to inspire prospective adopters to take a second look at pets needing a little bit of more care.  Knowing in advance the cost of specific foods and/or medications will be covered by OAHS for one year, the adopter will feel more secure: letting them gently ease into the routine of extra care their new pet will need to remain healthy. 

As a sponsor of Destination Home, you will improve the chance of adoption for these wonderful but often overlooked pets. You can give them the boost they need to find their forever family.  Please consider a gift today so all pets can have the happiest of endings, a home and good health.

TRIBUTES: Looking for the perfect gift for an animal lover? Consider donating in their name, whether it's for a special occasion, event or just because. Please be sure to include all necessary information so an acknowledgement can be sent to the recipient by mail. Thank you.

 MEMORIALS – Making a donation in memory of a deceased person or pet is a wonderful way to commemorate their life and what they meant to you. Per your request the family will receive an acknowledgment in the mail. Please be sure to include all necessary information for mailing an acknowledgement to the member(s) of the family. Thank you.

The fund is named after the little white puppy who brought a community together.  Her abusive owner beat her, threw her into the trunk of his car, drove to the shelter and then threw her over the 6-foot fence, breaking her pelvis. There was a great outpouring of support for Cuddles, making her life-saving surgery and full recovery possible. Cuddles passed away in 2013 but her legacy lives on through the OAHS Cuddles Fund and the animals her fund has healed. The Cuddles Fund covers healthcare costs associated with urgent care and specialty medical cases. Over the years many abused, neglected and/or suffering pets have been saved because of continued gifts to the Cuddles Fund.

The Cuddles’ Fund serves as a testimony of the power of compassion and generosity and a tribute to the little dog who touched so many hearts.

To ensure Cuddles’ legacy carries on, please consider giving a donation gift to the Cuddles Fund.

The Silver Paws Fund ensures senior animals receive the extra medical care they need so they can start a new chapter of their lives while giving peace of mind to the people who love them. There are many reasons why senior animals are brought to the shelter.  Sometimes, if an owner is elderly or ill, life changes can affect their ability to care for their pet any longer.

The average amount spent on a senior animal (dogs 8 years and over and cats 10 years and over) is $381.  OAHS provides needed medical care for seniors with conditions such as Hyper- and Hypothyroidism, dental issues requiring cleaning and/or extractions, arthritis, and other undiagnosed issues that may be found.   Your donation to Silver Paws will give senior pets get a healthy, new start. Please consider making your gift to Silver Paws today.

The Oshkosh Area Humane Society invites you and your business to play a starring role in this year’s Be Their Super Hero: Walk for the Animals by becoming a Walk Sponsor. When you join the Walk for Animals, you are joining a community of people working every day to create a more humane Oshkosh for companion animals. Your participation strengthens our ability to create extraordinary moments of hope and healing for homeless pets in our care. 

Needed - Large Ticket Items

Below are large ticket items that would greatly help OAHS .

Kitty Corral - Click to view & for more information. $3800 plus $500 shipping

CD Players for cat galleries and dog kennel area (not Blue Ray)

Sponsors for pet X-rays ($50 each approx)

Sponsors for post surgical pain medication ($15 per dose)

Large (not giant) plastic or large wire dog crates

Rubbermaid mop bucket with mop wringer

Industrial entrance rugs 4' X 5' or larger

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Please call the OAHS staff at 920.424.2128 to get a timely answer to your question, including questions about available animals.


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Donor Privacy Policy

The Oshkosh Area Humane Society (OAHS) privacy policy is in place to keep donors' personal information private. We define donors as any individual or group supporting the Oshkosh Area Humane Society through gifts of money or items. Personal information gathered online and/or through mailings such as membership, fundraising campaigns, and e-Newsletter distribution are kept safe and confidential through internal procedures and state of the art database management and credit card processing technology. OAHS’ privacy policy means donors' names, credit card information, addresses, email addresses and telephone contact information, whether gathered online or through mailings, are never disclosed to third parties.

It is the policy of the OAHS to publish constituent's names, gift designations and/or amounts only when given permission by the constituent and where appropriate such as when it is a stated benefit of membership or giving level. A gift made in honor or memorial of a pet or person remains anonymous unless the donor requests the amount of the gift be disclosed.

The OAHS may contact members or donors by mail or email to alert them to OAHS special events, news, promotions or funding requests. Individuals may elect to stop receiving mailings and/or e-mails at any time by contacting and requesting they receive no postal and/or e-mail. The OAHS does not sell, share or trade constituent information, including names, credit card information, addresses, email addresses or telephone contact information, with other organizations.