Echo is a very active young lady. She loves to be socialized; has gone to doggy daycare and dog parks. She gets along with other animals, sometimes will chase cats. Echo is very smart and pays attention to her surroundings. Recently she has been finding ways to get out of her fenced in back yard or tether. She loves to run and play or go for walks. Treats are welcome and she enjoys bones or pig ears. She was adopted through a rescue in which the breeder was not taking care of them. She was malnourished and had begun losing her fur. She was adopted out at 10 weeks of age. Echo has not had any issues of digging in the yard or attempting to be Houdini until after being spayed this spring. Food is a big motivator for her and she will sneak stuff off the counter or garbage if made possible. She has participated in two training classes and knows her basic commands as well as a few other things. Echo would do great in a highly active home with someone who can have most of the day with her.

Gender: Female
Age: 20 Months
Breed: Rottweiler mix
Claws: Has claws
Pet is fixed: Yes
Pet is current on Rabies: Yes
Pet is current on Distemper: Yes

For more details contact:

Skye Kuen
Oshkosh, WI 54902

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