Hi! My name is Lucy!

I’m very pleased that you took interest in adopting me! Here’s a few things about my personality:

First and most importantly, I am a QUEEN. Therefore, I am a cat that absolutely needs a palace all to myself with no other cats or dogs. I do not do well sharing my throne.

I do get along great with young children who can respect my boundaries as a cat. I love playing fetch with my colorful cotton balls (and yes I do bring them back to you so you’ll keep throwing them for me!). I’m a very affectionate cat who craves love and attention. I love sunbathing and catnip! But the thing I love the most is FRISKIES wet food! I absolutely know that word, what it means and you’ll never hear me meow and chirp louder than when you’re about to feed me the good stuff!

I hope you can consider adopting me as a forever, loving companion given my personal description above.

Gender: Female
Age: 7 Years
Breed: Siamese Mix
Claws: Declawed-front
Pet is fixed: Yes
Pet is current on Rabies: Yes
Pet is current on Distemper: Yes

For more details contact:

Oshkosh, WI 54904

Please note the animals in these listings have not been assessed medically or behaviorally by OAHS. If you are considering bringing a new pet into your home, we strongly encourage you to request vet records from the previous owner. If you are considering adopting an exotic type animal like a lizard, turtle, snake or bird, etc., please be sure to explore the kind of housing, diet, and medical care they will need and the expected life span of the species.