Sun is a good boy, uses his litter box if it is cleaned regularly. If not he will leave you a present. He likes his food and is a vocal breakfast fan. He gets along with other cats after an adjustment time frame. He usually will not bite but he will not tolerate loud or rough people. He will run away. If he gets outside it will be for the moment then he will cry to come back in. Sun was food deprived as a young cat so he will hoard food of other pets after eating his, sometimes he won't finish his and he will go to the other cat's bowl. He drinks water. He loves catnip. He needs to be brushed regularly. He loves to snuggle and likes nice kids and adults. He likes to play yet, especially catnip mice. He will catch and lay at your feet live mice once in awhile but does not eat them. He is a very good boy and is loving.

Flame point siamese
Has claws
This pet is

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Kim Diedrich
[email protected]
Neenah, WI 54956

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