Cat Success Stories

  • Snickers


    Snickers is doing great. Her sniffles went away. She’s out and about with the rest of the group, no issues. Everyone is very respectful of her, and she could care less if they’re there. Her favorite spot to sleep is in the cat tree. Thank you! Samantha Fafnis
  • Marmalade


    I like to play with my brother, Achilles and sister, Bovie. I like watching the birds on the feeder while I sunbathe in the window. I will eat any and all human food. I come to my name when there is soft food for dinner. My Dad says when I jump, I land with a thud like a bowling ball. I still love my camo blanket.
  • Vasi & Mishka

    Vasi & Mishka

    Since we adopted our two humans, they appear to have adapted quite well.We have mastered the game of hide and seek. Mom and Dad got us a cat tree, and to make them happy, we pretend to like it. Mishka reached a major milestone this week as she has figured out how to drink from the faucet. Next step is teaching her how to shut the water off. Headbutts and Purrs, Vasia and Mishka
  • Ivan & Izzy

    Ivan & Izzy

    Our kitties Ivan (Chrizo) and Izzy (Syrup) are doing great. The have acclimated well to their new home and to there new canine buddy, Samson. They received a thumbs up from the vet! We are so happy that we could give them a comfortable and loving home. Matt & Tammy Brown
  • Rascal


    November 19, 2018 Everything is going amazing with Rascal. She is now a lap cat. She loves to sit in the window and watch the animals, people, and cars driving by, and has learned how to open the shades by herself. She also loves to sit on our homework and cuddle up in our laps or in bed on fuzzy blankets. She loves to pull her favorite toys out of her toy box at 5 a.m. and sprint around the house, jumping onto the furniture. She's crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Her head tilt has made her balance a little off but she has learned how to manage jumping onto the bed, into the window sills, and playing very well! She loves to wear her special collars too! She knows she is the queen of the house. Ciara Trunnell, Kyle Stevinson, and Rascal
  • Sugar & Bingo

    Sugar & Bingo

    November 13, 2018 Sugar and Bingo are doing fine. They like to chase each other and wrestle. Lena Arts
  • Polly


    I adopted Polly 12-13-2018, Polly loves getting her belly rubbed, playing with her toys and lounging in the sun, sometimes watching birds and squirrels on the upper deck. Loves exploring our house, at night she sleeps on my bed purring with full content. Polly and I thank you Oshkosh Humane Society. Thomas Mengeling
  • Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea & me. Us, old broads, Kari Roth
  • Nala


    My humans are very good people. I get lots of pets, cuddles, yummy treats and fun toys. My favorite place in the house is on my human sister’s bed. It's oh so soft! I'm an older but still very sweet girl. I love to cuddle up with my human sister when I get cold. When my people pet me I try to return the love and pet them back. I'm so happy with my new forever home! Love, Nala, adopted by Ashley Steenis.
  • Odie


    I adopted Odie on July 27th and he has settled in very comfortably. He loves laps, carrying around his sparkle ball toys, watching the birds at the feeders and just generally "cat lounging". He is 9 and his adopted brother is 15 but they still have cat races through the house with one in the lead one time and the other leading the next time. He has been a great addition to the family and also inspects Christmas presents as you can see from the picture. OAHS thanks for keeping him until I could adopt him! Cathy Kaspar
  • Honey


    I'm 12 years old and was adopted by Holly & Miranda on 1/10/17. I like to nap, eat, play with my toys (especially at night), and paw at my reflection in the mirror. Something Special About Me: You may not have known it in the Humane Society because I was a little cranky with the others cats, but I am a VERY loving cat and I adore scratches & cuddles from my moms.
  • Mikey


    We adopted Mikey on 9-2-16. He is a gray tabby and is the sweetest boy. He loves playing with his brother Ricky who we adopted on the same day! He LOVES to eat so he already could lose some weight. He is cuddly and is such a honey! Mary Kay Heath
  • Ricky


    We adopted Butters, now Ricky, on 9-2-16. He is all kitten and more. He loves to play and be by us a lot. He does get carried away so some days are challenging! We love him to pieces. He is so cute you can't stay mad at him. Ricky loves to play with his "brother" Mikey we adopted on the same day. He also has a step-sister Margo. They really don't like each other. Oh, well... Mary Kay Heath
  • Theodore


    We adopted Fluffy Mcfly, now Theodore, in November. We were at OAHS getting our other cats in for nail caps. While waiting, this little energetic black kitty started playing with our fingers. We instantly fell in love. After lots of pondering if we should get a 5th cat, we decided to adopt him. He instantly fit right in. He is constantly running around with his brothers and making us laugh every second. Looking at him makes us feel so happy and lucky he was at the front desk that day and how we changed his life forever. Madison Wendt