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Sometimes people think of cats as small dogs but they are two totally different species. They each have a different social structure and they “learn” differently. Cats like routine. They hate change. Everything is usually fine in their world as long as there are adequate resources: multiple litter boxes, feeding stations, water, perches, resting places etc. Some cats are easily stressed and when they are stressed they can develop behavior issues such as indiscriminate urination. Cats don’t do these types of thing out of spite. We may not understand why but cats have a reason for what they do: they may feel threatened, or they are ill.

The first thing a cat owner should do if their cat is showing any changes in their normal behavior, such as: house soiling, over-grooming, becoming aggressive or lethargic, gaining weight or losing weight, they should contact their veterinarian and take the cat in for a checkup. All the behavior modification in the world can’t “fix” a medical problem.

The articles posted here are intended to help pet owners become good detectives in order to figure out what may have caused a change in their cat’s behavior.

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