Part Time Greeter Needed

The Oshkosh Area Humane Society is looking to hire a part time greeter, approximately 26 hours per week. Hours are 10AM - 5PM, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 10AM- 3PM on Saturday. OAHS is looking for an outgoing, people friendly person capable of lifting and carrying at least 50 pounds to greet visitors and accept donated items. Please send your resume to jennifer@oahs.og  Job Description Application

Weekend Dog Walker Needed!

Are you looking for an excuse to get outside to get more exercise and hang out with dogs? Then a job as a Canine Personal Exerciser & Trainer may be for you! 

Best to Leave Wildlife Alone

Spring is the time of year where a new generation of critters is entering the world. It's also a time when people find


Wild animals are usually best left to themselves, especially baby bunnies.  It is not typical for a mother to abandon their babies.  Many mothers only visit the nest of their young during certain times of the day. Wondering if a wild animal needs your help?   Click HERE for guidelines on when to intervene and when to "let them be."    The Oshkosh Area Humane Society does not rehabilitate wildlife but may be able to direct you to another resource. If you believe a wild animal is injured or in need of assistance and you aren't sure what to do please refer to the list of Wisconsin wildlife rehabilitators and contact them starting with ones closest to your area.  For the Wisconsin DNR list of wildlife rehabilitation organizations, click HERE.