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Featured Cat


Wassup…It’s me, Tango. I have been chillin’ out here at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society since March and it’s time for me to let another worthy cat take over my spot. I have made a lot of friends here and the volunteers that play with me are really cool but I sure am missing a home of my home. A home where I can be king and my family minions will bring me Fancy Feast in a crystal bowl, brush and pet me whenever I want that, provide a soft bed for me to take my afternoon naps and lots of toys for my entertainment. I am hanging in gallery 4 waiting for you. I’m the one with the super cool lion cut.

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Featured Dog

Hey Adopters: Nattie here. I began my life in Georgia and worked my way north to Wisconsin. I’ve been in various shelters since 2014 but that hasn’t diminished by sense of humor. I’m a really fun girl that loves to play, give kisses and have constant body contact with my people. I can be a little persnickety about the dogs I play with, but if I like one, it is for life. Adopt me and I can guarantee your life will be boredom free. I am always looking for more adventures. I’m currently in our Mod Squad program so I’m learning new tricks and good behavior every day. I am really smart so I catch on quick. I think I would be the perfect addition to your family so come visit me. I’m the really sweet dog in kennel 14. Looking forward to sharing dog kisses with you. 

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Small Mammal

Hi: I’m Maddie and I’m a young, gorgeous Mini Rex. I’m a happy bunny that uses my litter box, runs around the house and best of all I lived with cats and I liked it. I even like jumping around and playing with kids. I bet I am the rabbit you have been looking for all your life. Don’t waste a minute, hop on down to the shelter ASAP and we can do the bunny hop together. .

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Barns & Stables Needed

OAHS is looking for potential barns and stables for the placement of outdoor and/or feral cats. For more information please click here, contact pat@oahs.org or call 920-424-2128.

Pet Surrenders

We know it is a very difficult decision but if you feel you need to surrender your pet for any reason, please call 920.424.2128 first.  We can offer advice or schedule an appointment to meet with you. For more information click here.

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Needed Items

Amazon Wish List
Purina One Healthy Kitten Chow
Canned Cat Food 
Purina One Chicken & Turkey Flavor Dry Cat Food
NON-BACON  Soft Dog Treats
Tidy Cat Clumping cat litter
Liquid Laundry Soap  

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