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Featured Cat


'Sup? I'm Tom and I am one cool cat. I'm so cool that I promoted myself to Greeter Cat of the lobby without anyone knowing. Yup, I just snuck out of my gallery, started walking around like I was the boss and no one said a thing. I'm a friendly yet independent big boy. I am an excellent companion cat as I don't have lots of get up and go, but I do like to lay next to my people for up-close and personal friendship - a great attribute of cats! I really do not like canines - they are loud, smelly and unnecessary so I think a dog-free home is best for me. I do ok with other cats and can co-exist peacefully, but I would rather snuggle with my people than another feline. I am also good with kids! You should stop down and chill with me!

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Featured Dog

Hey Oshkosh, I am Pippi and I have arrived! I used to live in metropolitan Milwaukee but I hear there is more love to be had here so I came to find out for myself. You may be saying “I’m sure she heard that, just look how big her ears are!” Yes, big ears make it better to hear all the love you will be whispering to me after you take me home. I do well with other dogs, love people and am a very busy girl. No grass grows under my feet because I am on the move all the time. If you want a fun girl (cute too) to spend your days and nights with, come on down to the shelter and let’s take a little run together. Hurry because there will be long lines of people wanting to adopt me.

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Small Mammal

Hey: Ozzy here. I bet you think bunnies don’t like to be petted and cuddled but you have not met me! I actually hop as fast as I can over to you and sit right next to you waiting for you to pet me. If you don’t, I will continue to move closer to you until you get the idea. I also like to race around the room and then run up and sit on your lap. I sure hope you will come to the shelter and visit me; I think we would have a lot of fun together. Let me show you how affectionate a rabbit can be. I want to be your BFF.

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Tiny But Mighty

 Hi, there! My name is Baba and I'm a chinchilla! I'm back from foster care and looking for a home of my own. My foster mom says that I am quite a character and that I have a lot of personality. I'm also athletic! When I am enjoying exercise time, I sometimes launch myself up in the air and bounce off of a door. I absolutely adore cheerios, we'd become friends very quickly if you had one or two. Why not stop down to OAHS and meet me in person?  Bring some cheerios! 

Pet Surrenders

We know it is heartbreaking but if you need to give up your pet, please call 920-424-2128 and we will schedule an appointment to meet with you. For more information - click here.

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Canned Cat Food - Pate' preferred 
Rawhide Bones and Rolls (made in USA)
Large and Extra Large Kongs
Purina One Chicken Flavor Cat Food
Purina Kitten Chow
NON-BACON Soft Dog Treats
Laundry Detergent & Bleach
Timothy Hay based rabbit pellets (at Fleet Farm)

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