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Featured Pets

  • Colby

    Colby here. Does my grey mustache make me look old? Well, I am not! I'm only 6 years old and can run circles around most dogs without taking a second breathe. I am a fun dog - I love fetch and other dogs and people too. I'm a tall, lanky boy - just the right height for petting without bending over. While I like playing, exploring and long walks I can be a snuggler too. I can't wait to meet you and your kids too! I hope my new family to finds me soon.
  • Boots

    Hi: Boots here and this is my “Is that food you have” face. I am a feline connoisseur and I need to constantly check the food pantry here to be sure we are only getting the best of the best. So far the fare has been excellent. I do spend a lot of time making sure we do retain our 5 Star Michelin rating. I want to be sure all of the fastidious felines that come to dine at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society get the gourmet food they deserve. Notice I am dressed in my fancy tuxedo as I welcome everyone to the Administration dining room. Stop in and see me soon!
  • Polaroid

    It’s me, Polaroid, the coolest and hippest guinea pig ever. Don’t you just love my Mohawk hair style? I am over the moon in love with it myself and think it makes me look so fashionable. I love being petted and love people. A really nice person found me and brought me to OAHS where I got great food and man, was I ever hungry. I am hoping to find a family that loves guinea pigs (I think I would like a guinea pig friend too), has lots of food and will give me a warm place to snuggle and sleep. If you are looking for a loveable pet, visit me.
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Hours & Directions

Closed Sun., Mon., and Holidays
Tues/Wed: 12 pm - 6 pm
Thurs/Fri: 2 pm - 8 pm
Sat: 10 am - 3 pm
1925 Shelter Ct, Oshkosh WI 54901
Phone: 920.424.2128
Contact Us: info@oahs.org
License #267325

Most Needed Items

Purina One Smartblend Chicken &         Rice or Lamb & Rice Dog Food
Purina Tender Selects Blend with           Real Chicken Dry Cat Food
Soft Dog Treats- Canine Carryouts,        Pupperoni
Paper towels
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Dryer Sheets
Large, sturdy chew toys for dogs
Magic Erasers

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Mission Statement
The Mission of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society is to promote the bond between animals and people, to provide community outreach and education, and to enhance the quality of lives of animals in need through compassionate sheltering, responsible adoptions, programs and services.