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Featured Pets

  • Penelope

    It’s me Penelope and the whole world is my oyster. I am filled with curiosity about everything and want to know what is behind every door and it is my life’s mission to get behind that door to find out. I am not a big fan of dogs, cats are okay but I prefer to lead the single life. I do like people a lot though and am very intrigued by the rabbit smell. I may like them, I am still in the decision mode about them. If your house needs a fun loving chick that is extremely cute and very smart, I am the one for you. Please stop in and visit me. I’m probably that black and white flash you see running through the lobby.
  • Allie

    Hi! I'm Allie and I'm a sweet lab mix who really enjoys being around people. I have a lot of energy, so don't let that "age 5" thing fool you! Even though I'm being treated very well here at OAHS, I do not enjoy shelter life. When people go past my kennel, I try to get their attention. I don't know much in the way of commands, but that doesn't mean I'm not smart. I am! I just haven't had anyone teach me stuff. I am doing a good job of keeping my kennel clean, which I guess is a big plus with humans! I'm not a fan of groups of dogs, but I might be better with a one-on-one situation. I have been approved to live with respectful teens and up. I'm a cute, and perky, and happy girl looking for love. Plus, I have the most beautiful, brown eyes EVER!
  • Tweaks

    Hi: Tweaks, the Fancy rat, here. I have lived all of my life with a dog (who I adore), a cat (I love him too) and my rat pack (there are 3 of us). All of us are at the shelter because our family fell on hard times and couldn’t take care of us. We are all here at the shelter and the best part of my day is when I can play with my dog and cat friends. I am a super friendly guy and I love to be held and chill out in your lap. I also love to go for car rides with the dog. I know not normal rat behavior but there is nothing like the wind in your face. Please stop in for a visit this weekend, I sure could use a little lap time.
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Hours & Directions

Closed Sun., Mon., and Holidays
Tues/Wed: 12 pm - 6 pm
Thurs/Fri: 2 pm - 8 pm
Sat: 10 am - 3 pm
1925 Shelter Ct, Oshkosh WI 54901
Phone: 920.424.2128
Contact Us: info@oahs.org
License #267325

Most Needed Items

Purina One Smartblend Dog Food
Purina Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken Dry Cat Food
NON-BACON Soft Dog Treats
Tidy Cat Clumping cat litter
Liquid Laundry Soap
Dryer Sheets
Paper Toweling
Dryer Sheets
Large dog toys
Paper Toweling
Magic Erasers (See Complete List)

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society is to promote the bond between animals and people, to provide community outreach and education, and to enhance the quality of lives of animals in need through compassionate sheltering, responsible adoptions, programs and services.